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A little bit about us

NAV CANADA is the country’s Air Navigation Services Provider. We’re responsible for managing 12 million aircraft movements annually to ensure the safety of our thousands of customers across 18 million square kilometres.

Stretching from Canada’s west coast, to the centre of the North Atlantic, north to the Arctic and south to the Canada-US border, we operate in the world’s second busiest airspace.

“Take charge” - Why you’ll enjoy working here

As a flight service specialist or an air traffic controller, you’ll be immersed in meaningful work right from the get-go.

What do we mean by meaningful? Our teams are responsible for providing air navigation services from more than 100 air traffic control and flight information facilities across Canada. At NAV CANADA, safety is our middle name. So every day, we ensure we’re facilitating the safe, efficient, and most environmentally and cost-effective movement of aircraft flying through our Canadian airspace.

The best part about working with our teams at NAV CANADA is we all come from diverse backgrounds, so if you don’t have any experience in aviation, don’t worry. Our employees come from all specializations and levels of education from high school to PhD. What we do is we determine your eligibility and fit through a series of tests and interviews, and then we provide you with complete training for the role. We’re looking for a number of key competencies—including situational awareness, strong communication skills and memorization, as well as problem solving and decision making. Our step-by-step Application Process will give you more information.

Joining our team will mean you’ll be a part of one of the top teams in the industry. We’re committed to continuing to be a forward-thinking leader in air traffic management technologies. What are you waiting for? Join us and “take charge” of your career right away.

About the training

If you are selected for training, you will complete full time in-class and on-site training at NAV CANADA. The length of classroom training is between eight months to just over one year, where you will undertake an intense curriculum that tests memorization and technical understanding. Knowledge acquired in the classroom will then be applied in on-the-job training. You will receive a student allowance of $30,000 during the first phase of training, and will receive a training salary of between $35,000 and $40,700 during the second phase of training. Learn more about the roles.

Air traffic controller

With a career as an air traffic controller, you’ll be using displays, information processors, and communications systems to coordinate the safe, orderly, and efficient movement of aircraft.

Area controller

Working from one of seven area control centres, area controllers are responsible for coordinating traffic flow to pilots flying thousands of kilometres away.

The numbers

Total duration of classroom and on-the-job training: 17–30 months
Salary range: $95,000–$140,000

Tower controller

As a tower air traffic controller, you’ll be working from one of 41 airports across the country. With complete view of the airport and aircrafts, you’ll be responsible for issuing instructions and clearances to maintain safe and orderly flow of airway, runway, and taxiway traffic.

The numbers

Total duration of classroom and on-the-job training: 10–18 months
Salary range: $69,000–$131,000

Flight service specialist

As a flight service specialist, you’ll play an important role in ensuring safety in the Canadian air navigation system.

Airport advisory

Working at Flight Service Stations and operating at more than 50 airports across Canada, you’ll be providing critical information to both departing and arriving aircraft. This includes assisting pilots with runway selection—insight on wind and altimeter information, and passing information on traffic in the area. You may also be responsible for remotely delivering information and services to neighbouring airports.

The numbers

Total duration of classroom and on-the-job training: eight to 15 months
Salary range: $56,000–$89,000

Flight information

Working in one of eight Flight Information Centres in Canada, you’re responsible for providing flight planning services, in-depth weather analyses, and advisories to pilots within the Canadian airspace. You’ll regularly communicate with pilots prior to takeoff to provide information to ensure safety and efficiency.

The numbers

Total duration of classroom and on-the-job training: eight to 15 months
Salary range: $56,000–$89,000

Qualities we look for in our candidates

  • Sharp judgment: Process information and quickly make decisions
  • Strong motivation: The willingness to invest time in our intensive training
  • Stellar problem-solving skills: No two days are the same, so you’ll need to be quick on your feet
  • Clear voice, keen hearing: Communication is key
  • A great memory: All the technical learning you’ll cover in training will be applied on the job

No prior experience in aviation is needed to work with us at NAV CANADA—we’re looking for motivated, passionate young people. To apply to be an air traffic controller or flight service specialist, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, be at least 18-years-old, have minimum high school diploma or equivalent, and be bilingual.

The five-step application process

1. Fill it out: You’ll start by filling out an application that asks personal details, academic background, and past work experience. In addition, you’ll also be asked to provide an essay encompassing your passion for the field and testing basic writing skills.

2. Complete online test: The first major hurdle in the applications process, you will complete online testing. At this stage only about 40 per cent of applicants are successful.

3. Complete in-person test: Limited to only the top candidates, the assessment takes about four hours to complete and tests thinking and reasoning, communication, attention, information processing, memory, and knowledge. At this stage approximately 50 per cent of applicants are successful.

4. Phone interview: A broader look at your profile is completed, as well as an understanding of your ability to complete our full-time training.

5. Interview with a training manager: At this final hurdle, you will interview with the manager of the program you’ll participate in. Similar to any job interview, expect to discuss your personal life, education, and work experience.

Success! Entry into candidate pool: Upon entry in our candidate pool, you’ll be notified of your most suited career path with NAV CANADA. If selected for training, you’ll receive an online training program to review and master prior to classroom learning.