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Job Type: 
Part Time
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Job experience: 
1 year to less than 2 years
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Position: Supply Speech and Language Pathologist

Reports to: Senior Manager and Clinical Lead - Speech, Language and Hearing Services

Job Purpose

Uses specialized knowledge and skills to systematically identify barriers for students who have communication and language learning needs. Works in classrooms collaborating with educators, providing intervention coaching, and works as part of a multidisciplinary team assessing, consulting, and programming for a broad range of students with communication delays and disorders, including complex needs students. SLPs design and deliver workshops for parents and education staff, participate in meetings, and provide student specific programming for the home and classroom.


ASSESS STUDENTS AND INTERPRET RESULTS : Independently determine individualized assessment, assess students and interpret results for students who are non-verbal, minimally verbal or who have speech, oral language, communication and self-regulation difficulties and disorders, using communication disorder specific tools within a pedagogical framework, determining assessment measures based on various factors, analyzing the assessment results, and interpreting outcomes to parents, educational staff, and outside agencies. Collaborate in a multi-disciplinary assessment approach with educators, members of the special education team and outside agencies.

PLAN, ORGANIZE AND IMPLEMENT INTERVENTIONS : Plan, organize and implement interventions to support all aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication in accordance with CASLPO standards, including modeling and coaching in-class interventions to build educator capacity for growing student skills, delivering interventions to whole class, small groups and individual students, providing follow-up with respect to coaching strategies, evaluating student success and determining next steps, modeling, implementing, and extending the specialized communication strategies which have been recommended by outside agencies, engaging parents and guardians to implement identified communication goals, in the home or community, managing, organizing, and adjusting daily and weekly schedules, and collecting feedback to inform and evaluate effectiveness of interventions and make revisions as required.

DOCUMENT AND COLLECT DATA: Complete accurate clinical records according to professional college standards by completing detailed contact notes within a contemporary time frame using an electronic record collection system, developing formal assessment reports, progress reports, consultation notes, writing and sharing recommendations for an action plan which aligns with curriculum expectations, annually submitting a required compliance report to CASLPO to maintain registration status, and completing a daily speech and language specific statistics form to track student and system involvement of SLPs.

INSTRUCT AND GUIDE : Instruct and guide educational partners on behalf of students by developing, delivering and organizing workshops in all areas of communication to educators, administrators, early childhood educators, educational assistants, parents, caregivers and peers, colleagues within and outside of the DDSB, Community partners, creating and using online applications to share information with school staff, board staff and families, modeling and coaching educators and parents/guardians, collecting feedback to inform and evaluate effectiveness of workshops and online applications and making revisions as required, proposing and informing the development of special education classes to support system needs at the Family of Schools level.

ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE: Acquire knowledge to keep current with evidence-based practice within an educational setting and a constantly changing student population by attending and participating in Ministry of Education curriculum input and information sharing meetings, attending conferences, attending and participating in board level meetings, collaborating with teacher and instructional facilitator leads within DDSB, reading current evidence-based research and case studies, participating in study groups within the speech and language profession and across professional groups within education, partnering with universities for student mentorship, clinical education and research, and attending workshops and lectures from specialists in the SLP field.

COLLABORATE WITH OUTSIDE AGENCIES : Collaborate with outside agencies to meet student needs, including meeting and planning with community partners to develop policies regarding seamless, coherent service provision across organizations, communicating with outside agencies to ensure that intervention strategies are integrated into a classroom context, creating and delivering disorder-specific intervention programs during the school year and during the summer, making referrals to agencies for intensive supports not provided by the DDSB, instructing and guiding educational practices for Early Years programs within DDSB community literacy hubs, and developing Ministry of Education proposals for after-school programs to support the needs of students with autism, and students with early learning needs.

Knowledge and Skills Specialized training to support students in an educational setting (e.g., knowledge of, language, literacy and communication development, communication underlying behaviour, structured teaching principles, high- and/or low-tech augmentative and alternative communication systems); prior experience in coaching-based intervention settings is an asset

Ability to use a variety of technological platforms including Microsoft and Google Knowledge of evidence based clinical practices in the field of Speech-Language Pathology

Knowledge of current CASLPO standards and requirements of SLPs, including CASLPOs Clinical Reasoning Tool

Knowledge of Board policies and procedures (e.g. Health and safety, cultural competency and meeting needs of diverse populations)

Strong communication skills (e.g., oral/written)

Comfortable presenting to adults

Organizational, prioritization and time management skills

Ability to work effectively with various internal and external stakeholders

Education and Experience

Education Completion of a masters degree in Speech Language Pathology or a combination of education, training and experience deemed to be equivalent by CASLPO

Current CASLPO registration.

Valid Ontario driver's license and insurance. This position requires you to travel to various locations within the DDSB during the workday.


Type of work experience




Supervision by licensed Speech Language Pathologist in initial employment post-graduation CASLPO requires 6 months supervision X

Experience in clinical and/or educational paediatric settings is an asset

Not applicable X The DDSB is committed to equity and inclusion in the recruitment and hiring of qualified staff who reflect the diversity of our region. We encourage submissions from candidates who represent the various dimensions of diversity. We are committed to providing barrier-free and accessible employment practices in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Should you require accommodation through any stage of the recruitment process, please make them known when contacted and we will work with you to meet your needs.