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How to write a CV for an international job opportunity

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Thinking of applying for that job outside North America? The next step is to format your CV, or curriculum vitae, for that job overseas.

A breakdown of a basic CV includes:

Name, address, and contact information.
Your career objective emphasizing your strongest ability or skill.
Five bulleted points that describe your skills and a one-sentence explanation of how each skill benefits the employer.
Some countries will ask for personal information (date of birth, citizenship, etc).
Employment history is listed in chronological order and is dated. List at least five measurable accomplishments (instead of tasks) in bulleted paragraph form.
Education'includes the dates, majors, degree details, training and certifications.
Professional qualifications'list certifications or accreditations, or any functional skills related to the job. If you don’t have much professional experience, you can always mention that you enrolled in an international studies or language course.
Books that you’ve written.*
Professional memberships.*
Interests include languages and personal interests'sports, hobbies, etc.

Note: Instructions 8–11 will most likely qualify after post-grad studies, or after a few years in an industry.

You can check out the Europass website for a sample CV format used in the European Union.

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