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Recruitment is no longer limited to classified ads and mass hiring fairs. Companies are striving to reach each demographic of job seekers through a number of tailored campaigns'particularly because of today's accessibility to the internet.
As an employer, one avenue you should continue to pursue is the post-secondary career centre: the in-house resource hub helping students prepare for the workforce and launch their first jobs. Career centres are the middle-men, offering a number of services for employers to help them hire students to fill available positions. And if your goal is to foster the growth of young professionals within your company, career centres are your go-to ally.
Direct access to eager job seekers
With the influence of the internet on today's job seekers, it's easy for job postings to go unnoticed online. Career centres don't only equip students with the tools they'll need to launch early careers, but they also do their parts in helping employers reach these young job seekers.
As an employer, partnering with career centres narrows the recruitment window, and reaches students and new grads directly as a part of campus recruitment campaigns and strategies. By working with career centres, you'll have the opportunity to advertise jobs on their internal boards (only accessible to students), as well as partner with schools to acquire current students for co-op and internship opportunities.
Opportunity to network with students
Throughout the school year, career centres organize job fairs and on-campus events for both students and employers to attend. The events are typically tailored by program or field of study, meaning, as an employer, you'll be exposed to students who are readily equipped with the skills to take on your industry. These fairs, hosted by career centres, give students the opportunity to meet, schmooze, and gather information on internships, co-ops, and first careers, while giving you the chance to chat with these budding professionals and recruit for upcoming positions.
Whether you're looking to recruit students multiple times throughout the school year or reaching out to campuses as part of your seasonal recruitment campaign, career centres are an advantageous choice for finding and connecting with the young candidates your company is looking for. For more information, details of employer resources and services offered at career centres can be found on each of their websites.
Photos: Iryna Kurhan/Thinkstock