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How many times have you worked a job and thought, 'Man, I should run this place.' Chances are if you have ever had that thought, you never took advantage of the plethora of Business Schools across Canada. It is in these classrooms where the future leaders and business wiz kids are taught, tested and then released upon the world. Let's get down to business now, shall we

University of Manitoba, Asper School of Business

At Asper, time is on your side. Students working toward their MBA have the ability to adjust their course settings so that they can complete their program anywhere between one to six years, allowing students with busy lives the ability to learn at a pace that's comfortable to them. No matter how long you stay, Asper will focus on providing you with continual access to successful, real world business executives to ensure that when its time for you to graduate, you will not only have the classroom smarts, but the real-world boardroom experience, too.

Queen's University, School of Business

Queen's believes that teamwork and support systems are the key to future success. MBA students are instantaneously divided into Learning Teams of six or seven students from different walks of life, gender or cultural backgrounds, so that they can experience the diversity that most real workplaces have. Each team will have a Professional Team Coach to provide guidance throughout the duration of the program, while outside the classroom students will have continual access to a Personal Coach, Fitness Lifestyle Coach and a Career Coach. Furthermore, to make the transition into this program easier, Pre-MBA Warm Up courses in Accounting, Finance and Statistics are available before the first semester begins.

York University, Schulich School of Business

One of the highest ranked business schools in the land, Schulich offers an enormous range of Bachelor's, Master's, PhD, post-grad and executive education programs depending on where you're at in your business studies. Rated highly as a school that does one of the best jobs at preparing future business leaders for the environmental, social and ethical complexities of modern-day business, Schulich assists in getting their graduates into the job market through Global Job Opportunities found on their Career Development Centre website. Combine that with the school operating satellite courses in China, India, South Korea and Russia, and it's easy to figure out why Schulich's international set up has led to 21,000 alumni working in 90 countries.

HEC Montreal

Having arrived in 1907, HEC's vast history has resulted in 63,000+ graduates that have benefited from more than 35 bachelor, MBA and PhD programs designed to meet the needs of either new students or those in the business world that are looking to forward their careers through further education. However, what makes HEC an even friendlier destination is its ability to meet the needs of a wide cross-section of students through its bilingual business library, not to mention the staff of 250 professors that have authored teaching manuals and spoken at professional and educational conferences. If you prefer changes of scenery now and then while attending classes, then it's also worth checking out the Campus Abroad opportunities that take HEC students from Shanghai, to New York, to Paris.

University of Victoria Business

UVic has been declared the best in the west and their business program backs it up with a stat that any math professor would applaud: 95 percent of graduates annually find employment within four months. How does this happen you ask? UVic prides itself in smaller class sizes and three specialized MBA programs in Service Management, International Business and Entrepreneurship. What makes UVic extra special is its willingness to provide students from partner Universities across America, Europe, Africa and numerous other countries, with a desk in Victoria. Each year, the school participates in the International Exchange Program where 150 students abroad are brought to the UVic campus from these partner schools, while the same number hitch flights the other way.

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