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´╗┐ ´╗┐ ´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐When did your career journey with Starbucks begin?I was 20 years old when I started ÔÇô I thought it was just a part time job to help pay bills while I was in university. I had moved to a new city and the environment and people felt like home at Starbucks - I enjoyed the feeling I had there. I quickly realized the company offered a lot of opportunity and I was promoted to supervisor in one year.How did develop from a part time barista to a senior operator?I grew into the role of district manager (DM) after many years in different stores and at various management levels ÔÇô I enjoyed being a Store Manager as I learned so much about the business and I was able to help people grow and develop in their careers. I took part in Starbucks Future Leaders program that offers structured training and job shadowing for Store Managers who want to get to the next level. I travelled to another city to spend 6 months training with a DM ÔÇô it was very helpful to build connections inside the company and gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed that the DM role was going to be right for me.Tell us about your day to day as a DM?I spend a lot of time in stores visiting managers and teams to help them grow their business ÔÇô if I am not in a store then I am on the phone doing sales calls or working from a laptop. The beauty is that I can do this from wherever I need to ÔÇô I work from a home office, sometimes in my car and most times from our stores. I am here to answer questions managers have and to learn about our opportunities and help problem solve in order to achieve results.Did you always know a career in retail operations was for you?No, but I soon discovered that I loved to mentor people and see them grow and develop, I enjoy the variety and changing environment and I was able to make an impact. I find retail operations very rewarding.Why do you think Starbucks is a great place to work?I love the people I work with and the opportunities I have had! I have always been encouraged to be a part of the community I work in and I like to be involved ÔÇô whether it's helping a local food
bank or providing a wall in our store for a new artist to showcase their work. In my 16 years with the company I have never seen them stray from their mission and values ÔÇô the employees they call partners come first. The leaders at Starbucks empower you to make decisions and encourage you to constantly learn from mistakes ÔÇô they create a safe learning environment. They are truly passionate about coffee, product innovation and our mission, and they have a clear vision for where the business is going.What is it like working in a new city?The company moved me to Calgary for the DM role and I love this city ÔÇô there is so much opportunity here! If you want to grow your career and develop Alberta is THE place; I am seeing so many people promoted into new and exciting positions in the company. It's also a city for everyone ÔÇô there is a lot going on for young people and there are great neighborhoods for families. It seems everyone in Calgary moved here from somewhere so they are all very friendly and welcoming.What advice would you give to a student considering retail as a career?Whether you are shy or outgoing many different kinds of people can be successful in retail! Learn about the various companies that interest you and ensure your values align. I believe that is the way to be truly happy at work and to have a rewarding career. Visit our stores and observe the environment and culture ÔÇô if it looks like something you would enjoy then go for it and apply online, we can't wait to meet you!