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For a recruiter, there is nothing more exciting than seeing a beautifully crafted resumé. In the piles of dull, black-and-white, 2–3-page resumés, an esthetically pleasing one is like a breath of fresh air. It combines graphics, colour, design, and the motto that less is more all wrapped up in a perfect one-page package.

The Look

A modern resumé can be designed using different software. Generally something designed for working with graphics like Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign works best, but Microsoft Word works just as well. There are four main aspects that make up the look of a resumé:

The first is the layout; as a suggestion, before you start looking through Pinterest or Google, get an idea of the layout you think best represents you. Generally, modern resumés enable you to fit a more on a page than you normally would. You should aim to condense everything onto one page.

Next, you need to consider graphics. Most programs will allow you to create basic shapes and lines for your layout. However, if you have the ability to create a custom logo for yourself, go for it. If you want to include your social media links, you may want to add some icons. There are many places to get these online, but The Noun Project has some good options.

From there you need to decide on a font—why not get something a little different from the standard offerings? There are lots of websites out there that will allow you to download free fonts such as Search for something clean and modern for your main font and maybe something a little more interesting for your headings. 

Finally, there is colour. How do you decide on one? You can just pick your favourite or you can go further and complete an online colour personality quiz to find your match. You don't need a ton of colour, but little touches can really take a resumé from dull to eye-catching.

The Content

The main content of a resumé shouldn't change. Of course you still need contact information, education, job experience, and volunteer work. However, as you are writing, remember: less is more. Most recruiters give your resumé a quick look at best. You need to make sure the most important and impressive information can be gathered quickly.

There are some other interesting things you may want to include like interests and technical skills. Listing extracurricular activities adds some personality and can be a conversation starter. Also if you have a professional webpage or blog you should consider including that as well.

With that said, your goal is to make your resumé stand out in a crowd. While most companies would appreciate a modern resumé, you need to tailor yours to the company and job you are applying for. Keep an up-to-date, traditional resumé handy for more traditional organizations; use your judgment. Creating a one-of-a-kind resumé will not only make you stand out as an individual, it can also demonstrate your ability to be a potential forward-thinking and creative employee.

Photo: dmitryfet/Thinkstock