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If you’ve ever walked into a store and come out with an entire outfit inspired by one of their fashionably dressed mannequins, you’ve experienced what a merchandiser can do.

“Merchandisers play a key role within organizations, as profitability can be affected by how successfully they undertake their work,” wrote Clare Worrall-Hill in her article published on Prospects, a website offering graduates useful information about their future careers. Merchandisers work with buyers to decide how much of the product is needed, while planning and arranging how everything should be presented to customers.

At beeline group, a merchandising company that offers fashionable accessories at reasonable prices, “beeliners” are responsible for running the business at the location they’re assigned to, says Rafael Robert, human resources manager for North America. This is what sets them apart from regular sales associates.

“They tell us—the company—what products they currently have, how much stock they have, and then as they receive the new merchandise that they placed orders on they place those on our fixtures,” he says. In addition to re-stocking and filling orders, merchandisers often have to maintain a relationship with the organization’s partner, also known as the retailer whom is selling their products. As an example, beeline’s accessories are available throughout many Old Navy stores in Canada.

Since some merchandisers may only work part-time or don’t necessarily need to visit the same store every day, they have to ensure the products are in prime locations and that the fixtures are still getting maintained in their absence, says Robert. While they’re in the store, they’re also expected to provide excellent customer service to anyone in their areas.

To be a merchandiser, you need not only have an eye for making a display look good, but also be productive and able to manage expenses and inventory at a level that meets the company’s expectations, he says. Merchandisers play a critical role within any organization. “Of the 5,500 employees that beeline operates throughout globally, a big majority of that are our mobile merchandisers,” says Robert. “Without them, it’d be very difficult for us to be in the position we’re in, in far as from a success standpoint, and [to grow] our business.” Merchandising roles are available at many retail stores and often don’t require a degree in the field. If you have an interest in fashion and want a job that will tap into your creativity, merchandising may lead to a satisfying and challenging career.

Photo: Brian McEntire/Thinkstock