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Everyone from the Y and Z generations are online: they're chatting with friends, updating online profiles, reading the news, and finding jobs. For employers, it's key to recognize this activity in order to apply it to company recruitment strategies, and to get the most bang for your recruitment buck.

A pro-tip is to limit your social accounts to ones you believe you'll find most success. Investing in channels that won't offer a strong return can lead to spending an awful amount of time, energy, and money towards an avenue that isn't necessarily fit.

To start, research is necessary. Many companies are present on popular social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter, but there's a plethora of others to choose from. Determine the overall fit of each channel—we've provided a list below—taking into consideration the demographic you're targeting and your company's culture. Be weary that one social channel may work brilliantly with a competitor, but might not with yours. So just because one channel is a hit with a company you follow, your business model might not match what the platform offers.

We've put together a detailed list of social media platforms for you to choose from. Now all you have to do is figure out which ones fit best with your social recruitment strategy. Go on, fill those vacancies!

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