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Canadian Pacific’s (CP) approach to Indigenous relations acknowledges and respects the history and diversity of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and the U.S.

CP strives to build mutually beneficial relationships by working closely with Indigenous community leaders, local government bodies and Indigenous-based organizations to support meaningful dialogue and opportunities for economic growth and development, employment and training programs.

For this article, we had the opportunity to interview Demetry Duck, about his career and experience at CP as an Indigenous employee.

Duck works as a rail car mechanic apprentice (RCMA) with CP in Winnipeg. He said he was job searching at school when his welding instructor told him about a presentation CP did recently.

"I just came back from a work practicum, spoke to my instructor and then decided to sign up to attend the presentation. Two days later, I found myself in an interview with CP’s mechanical department," said Duck.

He further explained that the application process took a few weeks to complete and included several tests before being hired on. Additionally, once on the job, he found it very busy.

Currently, Duck works as part of a team and his responsibilities include, inspecting railcars for any potential defects, repairing any railcars found with defects, and testing air brakes. “It's a priority to ensure trains leave safely for travel," said Duck.

“The skills I've developed working as an RCMA include radio communications, working as part of a team, and learning about safety on the job. I'm always trying to adapt to the work we do in the safest way possible," said Duck, in regards to the many valuable skills he has learned and developed in his first year with CP.

Duck continued by sharing his perspective on CP’s involvement with the Indigenous community, saying that "CP has a partnership with one of the largest Indigenous education centers in Winnipeg - The Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development for example. CP's involvement in the Indigenous community is there. In the past, CP has done many presentations to give students a chance to think about the different trades they have to offer."

It is this type of partnerships, involvement, and education, that make CP an outstanding employer in Canada.

"I'd encourage any First Nation, Metis, or Inuit Peoples to give CP a shot if they enjoy working hands-on. It's a good place to be,” said Duck. “CP is continuously hiring new workers, and there are many different jobs available with the railway. You will develop a strong work ethic, practical skills, and meet other like-minded individuals in the workforce," he added.

"My experience with CP so far has been astounding. I have seen and learned a lot in the span of a year and a half. I'm going to continue to strive for success, continue to make things in my life great and make a better me,” concluded Duck.

If you or someone you know is looking for hands-on training and steady work, in a great team environment, CP may be the place for you. As an equal opportunity employer, CP values diversity and inclusion in its workforce and strives to continuously offer employment opportunities to the Indigenous community.

Get your career started today, by exploring new options within the railway industry and see what CP has to offer – don't miss out on this great opportunity!