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Jobpostings Magazine is Canada's largest career lifestyle magazine for college and university students. Our website,, is also Canada's largest online student job board. Together, these two resources help students find that first job that will lead them into their exciting careers.

But with over 16 years in the game, Jobpostings could not have remained relevant without the support of its student readership and its student interns.

Over the years, we've had a number of amazing students and recent grads join our team for four month stints, in a variety of roles. They all did real work, had real responsibility, and gained real experience that supported their professional development. Below are some of our past interns in their own words:


Autumn Ladouceur / Campus Relations Representative

"I would say that the most rewarding and challenging part of my work as a Campus Relations Intern with Jobpostings was learning invaluable skills that I hadn't learned through school. Examples of these skills include facilitating relationships with external stakeholders, and conducting research and identifying distribution opportunities for the magazine. These skills allowed me to secure my current full-time position, which I love. If I hadn't worked at Jobpostings, I wouldn't be where I am today."

Kyle Reynolds / Editorial Assistant

"As an editorial intern, I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone by tackling topics I had never explored or even considered before. I was consistently challenged to conduct extensive research on certain topics in order to develop the best possible questions for sources, as well as understand the vocabulary and processes involved in blossoming careers related to oil and gas, engineering, aerospace technology, and business. My research helped me interact seamlessly with each source and subsequently produce well-received and informed original articles.

"By the end of my tenure with Jobpostings, I became weak at the knees at the sight of grammatical errors in advertisements, professional webpages, and even in established magazines and newspapers! I have Jobpostings to thank for my polished attention to detail, my ability to prioritize and balance multiple tasks simultaneously, and the never-ending requests from friends and family to edit their written work."

Daniele Alcinii / Videographer

"My time at JP challenged me by forcing me to step out of my comfort zone with an incredible amount of trust and responsibility. By being asked to single-handedly overhaul the video department and take the lead, JP challenged me every day to continually improve on the person I was yesterday. That's something I carry with me today. I gained an appreciation for internships through JP because of how much they allowed us all to do. It wasn't just a shadowing job, it was real world situations on an every day basis, surrounded by coworkers (i.e. no one bossed you around; you were seen as equals)."

Kim Wolfshout / Communications and Social Media Representative

"My time at Jobpostings challenged me to develop the flexibility and skills necessary to handle the pressure of working in a fast-paced environment. Using creative communications content, I learned to set myself and the brand apart from competition. The positive takeaways from my time at JP included stronger writing skills, working closely with charismatic coworkers, and a new found love for foosball."

Michelle Hampson / Editorial Assistant

"This internship was a great challenge because I was given a wide range of tasks, from lining up the editorial calendar and fact-checking entire issues, to interviewing people and crafting articles. If you want editorial experience, you get it. Along with taking on a wide range of tasks and gaining great hands-on experience, my internship at Jobpostings gave me a surprising amount of knowledge about job markets, economies and professionalism. I feel more aware of these aspects on both a personal and general level."

Carly Brown / Campus Relations Representative

"While working at Jobpostings, my biggest challenge was maintaining relationships with colleges and universities across Canada to discuss the implementation of JPs new career widget. I'm naturally a timid person, so this got me out of my comfort zone and helped to develop my communication and interpersonal skills. I needed to be able to think quickly on my feet, have good telephone presentation skills, and the ability to take initiative. Nathan was there to help me through the process and I eventually found that connecting with people came quite naturally.

"In fact, Jobpostings helped me land my current job! With experience doing in-office distribution, networking and discovering new distribution opportunities, I was prepared to work as a Distribution Analyst with a national magazine distributor. I'm thankful that I am able to attribute the skills and experiences I had as an Intern to my current position."

Jamie Bertolini / Junior Web Editor

Working as an intern for Jobpostings Magazine was easily one of the best experiences of my career so far. I was exposed to a real magazine environment and learned how to properly manage my time between contacting sources and submitting articles by their deadlines. The opportunity to get many of my stories published with a national magazine behind my name was definitely the most rewarding part.

Megan Santos / Editorial Assistant

"My time at Jobpostings not only challenged me to be a better writer, but to also be a better researcher and communicator. It was four months of hard work and plenty of learning with a fun team beside me.

"Adding quality pieces to my portfolio and the opportunity for endless learning were definitely positive takeaways from my time with Jobpostings, but it was the connections I made and the stories I heard from interviewees that made the internship worthwhile. Jobpostings reassured me of my passion for journalism."

Chantelle Rodrigo / Communications and Social Media Representative

"When I first began my internship at Jobpostings, I had no idea what to expect. As a Communications and Social Media Intern, there was always something to do. The most challenging part was prioritizing tasks for both the Communications and Social Media side so I had to always be organized. It pushed me to get out of my comfort zone while also bringing out my creative side by coming up with social media content on a regular basis. Pitching a partnership was something I had never done and I not only had to learn to give a solid presentation over the phone but also negotiate so the organization was aware of how much they would benefit from the partnership.

"My experience improved my communication skills and I also learned how to market a brand through social media. By the end of my internship, I learned to use various new programs and had a good idea of the amount of work it takes to put a magazine together. I really enjoyed my time at Jobpostings and I was lucky to work with such a great, welcoming team."

Patrick Erskine / Editorial Assistant

"My time at Jobpostings challenged me by giving me real-world work experience from day one. This isn't some internship where you find yourself going on coffee runs and restocking the break room. You're put to work. On my first day I was pitching article ideas and calling up contacts. On my second day I helped create the content calendar for the upcoming year of magazine issues. I was also given an incredible amount of creative freedom in choosing what stories to write and how to write them, so my creativity was put to the test. You also get plenty of opportunities to copy edit, write for the web, and develop your long and short form storytelling skills.

"A huge portfolio. By the time I finished my time at Jobpostings, I must have written over 30 articles in total, in addition to having three or four major magazine features and one of those being the cover article. I also got a ton of practical advice and mentorship from the editors who cared as much about my development as they did about producing great content. It was the perfect environment to develop my skills while building my portfolio. Also, you don't spend 4 months writing about jobs without learning a little something. After I had ended my internship, I soon found a full-time career. I used a lot of the job hunting tips and tricks I learned about while researching and writing for the magazine!"


As Jobpostings' readership continues to grow, it needs fresh, talented, reliable and committed individuals to keep it running and evolving. So if you're interested joining a team that will work together to build something truly special, this may just be the opportunity for you. So the next time you see a JP intern position listed on, please do apply!