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And so the never-ending debate of would you rather? continues.
Now that I'm approaching the end of my final year of university and will soon be entering the real world, I'm at a crossroads between two real life situations. Should I work for a company that makes me happy and get paid an average amount of money? Or be unhappy at a job where I make more?
While you would think happiness comes before all, money over everything is the most common answer I've heard from my classmates and friends. They don't even think to consider the miserable workplace environment because making a higher income is their main priority.
But throughout those repeated conversations, I've grown to realize that money isn't everything. In fact, money comes and goes; consequently, managing your money is what can make or break you. Regardless, happiness in a workplace is what really matters because it focuses on your passion and is reflected by your work ethic.
Based on an article in the Harvard Business Review, happy people in the workplace are generally better employees, who work hard and get their jobs done. Those who are unhappy and stay in their workplaces are figuratively stuck with golden handcuffs. This is referred to when employees stay at an unhappy workplace because employers persuaded them with benefits and money.
Oftentimes, we as individuals forget there are more valuables than money itself. Of course, there will be days when you will feel frustrated with your bank account or stressed on the job, but everyone has their fair share of bad days. Overall, those factors should not overcome your happiness, especially when you share your passion in a positive workplace and get paid a fair amount of money. Your happiness inside and outside of work is worth more than what money can buy.
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