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After experiencing a 17-year journey in academia, I'm finally getting a taste of the real world from my internship at I've heard numerous and endless stories from guest speakers about their workplace experiences and it only made me eagerly anticipate the day when I could step into their shoes.
Starting your first day at an internship is always exciting (and a little nerve-racking), especially with zero-to-little experience in the workplace. You've been in school for so long that thoughts of doubt begin running through your head; however, once you actually start to work, you'll find all those feelings disappear. You use your passion and talent as the driving forces to keep you moving.
Interning allows for the opportunity to gain valuable work experience that you've been longing to have before you head into the real world. An added bonus is that you'll be surrounded by colleagues who share the same passion for your field. Having a new work opportunity creates new priorities to adapt to your calling, which is highly encouraging.
Do internships really make a difference for your career?
A survey conducted by polled 7,300 students and postgraduates, and over 300 companies to ask how beneficial internships are. Their survey shows 86 per cent of students and 85 per cent of employers had positive experiences working together.
The results from the survey didn't surprise me because of the praise I've heard from guest speakers at school with internship experience. They also said it allowed them to advance their knowledge in the workplace.
Three reasons students enjoy internships:
1. The opportunity to gain more knowledge and improve through failure, success, and constructive criticism.
2. Gaining real-world experience allows interns to prepare and have a general idea of what the workplace will be like.
3. By working with professionals, they can connect and receive career guidance. (Employers know exactly how it feels to be in your position!)
So enjoy the transition of being a student to an intern. It's the first professional building block to the rest of your life.
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