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Now that September's back-to-school rush is well behind us, employers are now ready to take on the next flock of crowds expected this upcoming holiday season. Seasonal jobs are hot this time of year, with employers opening up many part-time work opportunities for students to earn a little extra holiday cash.
As a 20-something-year-old with four years of retail under my belt, I know exactly what it means to give great customer service. I learned the ropes through my managers and experienced sales peers, and have been fortunate enough to work with companies that valued the meaning of excellent customer service just as much as I did.
Now, customer service isn't just found in malls throughout our cities, but it's something sought after by employers in a number of different industries. Call centres, restaurants, hotels, banks'you name it.
To make sure you're successful this year in not only acquiring that seasonal job but also showing off your superb selling abilities and people skills, it's important to become an expert in the one important quality these seasonal employers look for: customer service.
According to an infographic created by, Canada saw a 90 per cent customer satisfaction rating this year, placing us just second to New Zealand and far ahead of our US neighbours at 82 per cent.
The payoff
Remember what it felt like the last time you received exceptional customer service the moment you stepped into your favourite store or called your cell phone provider because of your skyrocketed phone bill? Everyone ( I hope) has received pleasant customer service experiences that they've boasted or told a friend of a friend about.
In fact, companies that value and consistently practice good customer service have seen success in not only satisfied clients, but it also showed in their sales. In fact, 70 per cent of successful purchases are based on the positive customer experiences during the buying process. And companies that successfully resolved customer complaints (which you will most definitely experience working as a CSR) found that 70 per cent of those customers return to do business again.
So before you polish that resum├® along with your pair of black leather interview loafers, ensure that you keep the top customer service practices top of mind. It's predicted that by 2020 the customer service experience will be the key brand differentiator, overtaking product and price.
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Megan Santos is the staff writer for Jobpostings Magazine and She's a big time foodie with a love for books, basketball, and shoe shopping. Follow her on Twitter @megnifisantos.