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Amelia Aubeeluck, Talent Acquisition Specialist at adidas Group shares her tips on how to be successful when interviewing for a part-time job.

adidas GroupYour first few jobs in high school and through post-secondary will likely be part-time work. Retail, quick service, call centres, and other environments are perfect to gain early career-building skills. To make sure you stand a fighting chance at acing an interview for part-time work, here are some key points to keep in mind.

Get up early

Turning up at the right place on time is important'very important! We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early to your interview. This allows enough time to relax, compose yourself, and understand the culture. If for some urgent reason you are unable to make the interview, give your contact a call and explain the situation; most people will be happy to reschedule.

Homework time

No matter the company, it's important to do a lot of research and understand what your superiors will expect of you. An unprepared candidate might as well stay at home.

Be real, for real!

Be positive and let your true self shine through. Employees are encouraged to share their creativity, and what originality means to them. There is nothing to be scared of; we want to know the real you. Also, don't leave your skills up to imagination. Rather, explain yourself by giving short, clear, and concrete examples.

Focus on your listening skills

Active listening is an important ability as this will allow you to concentrate not only on the employer's words, but also on the tone of voice and body language. This will help you understand how the hiring authority thinks, so you can pattern your answers accordingly.

Asking questions

An interview is a mutual exchange of information, not a one-sided conversation. We encourage our applicants to ask questions in an enthusiastic way. A few well thought-out questions will go a long way in demonstrating your thought process, values/wants, and understanding of the role.

At the end of the interview, the interviewer may ask "What questions do you have?" It makes you look uninterested, unimaginative, or both if you don't have any questions. Plan ahead, be proactive, and ensure you have at least one interesting question on-hand.

What not to wear

It's important to dress the part and match the company atmosphere. adidas Group, for example, is a sports company and our managers expect an understanding of the culture and a respect to our brand. You can be professional in a cool way, and can show your personality through your clothes. Don't be overdressed (but not underdressed, either)!

Stay positive

As a general rule, complaining about your past managers or past company policies can show a lack of respect and loyalty. We encourage you to tell us the positive things you've learnt from past managers or companies and how you've improved.

Avoid being vague

Vague responses are often a sign of weakness; we encourage our applicants to keep their responses short, friendly, positive, and concise.

We recognize perks, benefits, and salary are important details. Most companies will not frown on questions relating to compensation. Especially for part-time work, companies have set figures in their budgets and will likely be direct with you about those amounts. To really impress the hiring manager, focus on your long-term career plan rather than solely on the salary, and how this role will play a part.