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In today's digital age, a majority of those searching for jobs will go online and look on the employer's website for available positions. While it's convenient to apply to multiple jobs in one setting, there is another job hunting procedure that has the potential to be more effective.

Most businesses such as retail stores and restaurants welcome walk-in applications and often keep copies of paper applications on-hand. Applying in person can have its advantages since it shows a strong sign of interest, fearlessness, and commitment. Here are some handy tips to follow in order to make a great first impression and get you one step closer to the job.

1. Prepare ahead of time

Before visiting your employer of interest, you should go online and research the background of the company. It is also important to dress appropriately based on the role you're applying to, so prepare an outfit that's clean and professional. Ensure you know the name of the position you are interested in applying for and have your resum├® ready. Tailor your resum├® to target the particular job and have your job references handy in case you're asked.

2. Ask for the manager

Instead of walking in and speaking about available positions to the first employee you see, ask if you can speak with the store manager. By leaving your resum├® with an employee, they may be too busy to accommodate your request, give you information that isn't accurate, or forget to pass along your resum├® altogether. However, a manager can tell which openings are available and provide you with further information on how the hiring process works. They may even decide to interview you on the spot.

3. Introduce yourself with a handshake

Create a personal connection right away by kindly introducing yourself accompanied with a firm, confident handshake. As a job seeker, it is critical you show professionalism right from the start. Tell them who you are, the position you're interested in applying for, and pass on your resum├®.

4. Explain your qualifications'but keep it brief!

For an added edge, prepare a short summary of your qualifications and a reason why you want to work for the company. Instead of sharing your entire job history with the manager, select the few of your most extraordinary qualifications relevant to the job position. This will provide them with an understanding of how you're qualified. Explain how the job position fits your long-term goals and future career plans. Finally, as you part ways, thank the employer, express your excitement for the opportunity, and leave the store or business right away.

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