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About 25 to 40 percent of the general population are introverts. Those with an introverted personality aren't just considered quiet, but they are also people who work best when they are alone. Introverts also lose energy after a certain amount of time when surrounded by a large group of people; it isn't meant to be a bad trait because they just need time to recharge.  

Being an introvert myself, these traits hold true because I have a challenging time concentrating and being productive in a loud environment; however, it is possible to show off the small extroverted side of you, while maintaining true to yourself and your personality.

Fear less

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone (professional growth is all about doing things that challenge you). It's all a part of taking chances and being able to prove to yourself you're capable of facing your fears. Avoid the thought of wondering, what if?, take a deep breath, and jump into the challenge.


Find ways to open up and socialize with your colleagues about anything'do this all at your own pace. Start a conversation about upcoming projects or topics related to work; then when you're more comfortable, chat about topics on a more personal level. This will allow your colleagues to have a better glimpse of who you are outside of the workplace. By communicating with your colleagues, the stronger connections you'll make.  


As previously mentioned, introverts tend to lose energy after a certain amount of time when they're surrounded by a large group of people. With that said, it's all about balancing your social skills with your colleagues. When you feel like it's time for you to recharge, simply step away from the social scene and use that time to work on your own. (Besides, everybody needs a break once in a while.)

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