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Congratulations on landing your first-ever, real-world job—this is a huge step toward a better future. All the anxiety of the job hunt is finally at ease, except there's a new type of uncertainty you may have to deal with: surviving your first year of work. These six tips should help you stay afloat.

1. Get some sleep!

Sleep is the best medicine for staying focused each and every day. If you don't get enough sleep when the stress of projects piles on, you'll quickly overwork yourself.

Sleep will help you both mentally and physically. If you plug in the recommended seven to eight hours, you'll have a better chance of being punctual and mentally sharp to perform. Plan your next day's agenda before you leave the office—it'll help you sleep better knowing you're already set for what the next morning will bring.

2. Be active

Despite your inevitable busy schedules, allot some time for exercise and activities to help you stay healthy in body and mind. This doesn't mean you have to spend uber amounts of cash on gym memberships or workout equipment, and it doesn't mean you have to dedicate some serious time and effort to perfect your physique. Going for a jog every now and again, or taking a nice long walk will help you stay alert and stress free in your new job environment.

3. Eat well

Eating well is an essential piece to maintaining a healthy body and mind. This can also be pretty challenging because having a unique diet can take a lot of free time and money. It's a no brainer a healthy and balanced diet will give you the energy to keep up with the demanding pace of a new job.

4. Budget to go out with co-workers

Sometimes you'll be asked out to lunch or coffee with your co-workers. You've got a brand new job: be social! To help you battle your busiest and most stressful of days, you need to let loose a bit in the workplace, so don't be afraid to make new friends! Set aside some cash that will allow you to be social in the workplace. Go out to lunch with them when they ask—if they don't, initiate the invite.

5. Keep an agenda handy

Staying organized is a no brainer but it's actually very easy to fall off-track once you get into the motions of a new job. The last thing you need when you're out having lunch with your co-workers is to forget a client meeting you had at noon. Having an easily accessible calendar and agenda will help you avoid this conundrum. Notes you can stick on your keyboard and computer monitor are always fun and can help too!

6. Stay positive!

The nine-to-five grind can get tough, but it should also be exciting. Landing your dream career is like passing through a gateway to your adult life. You can now work toward the other goals you have, like purchasing your first home, car, boat, airplane—whatever! Your career will help you be who you want to be. Enjoy it, kiddo!

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