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Depending on your personality, some jobs just look better for others. If you're a die-hard creative type, you don't want to spend your life filling out forms. And if you're a high-level, abstract-thinking type, you probably wouldn't want to chop wood for nine hours a day. That's why we paired up a bunch of personality profiles to jobs available at The Home Depot Canada. Hope you find your fit!

Your personality type: The life of the Party

You love meeting new people. You're the one sending out mass texts to your friends on Friday night, pulling everyone together for an evening on the town. Whenever a visitor comes through, you're happy to recommend the best restaurants, bars, and neighbourhoods—and you're always looking out for new things to do or see in your city. These are the reasons why you're well-loved and why your friends call you for help when they're stuck on an awkward date. Congrats: You're the Life of the Party.

The job for you: Sales Associate

You might not know it yet, Life of the Party, but you're friendly and customer-service oriented—the key traits of successful sales associates. For The Home Depot Canada, that means being the first line of defense, the person who introduces customers to the store's many departments, products and services. And you'll get to learn more about Home Depot's ever-evolving array of services, all while meeting boatloads of awesome people.

Your personality type: The Charmer

Aaawww, look at you! You're such a gosh-darned sweetypants! Give yourself a hug. You deserve it, because everyone loves you and you love them back. You're always eager to please, and can stay cheerful even when your bus is late and Tim Hortons is all out of crullers. Some people get energy from coffee: you get your energy from being around other people.

The job for you: Cashier

Cashiers are the last people that a customer meets before leaving the store, and can make all the difference in whether that customer is coming back. Cashiers need to resolve problems, build relationships, and satisfy customers all while staying calm, collected and cheerful. Some people would find that challenging, but for the Charmer, it's just another day of being you.

Your personality type: The Brain

You're someone who can handle information. Whether it's dialing all your friends' phone numbers from memory, or recalling the names and special attacks of all 150 original Pokemon, you have every scrap of data at your command. In short: you're a pretty smart person, and when you have a spare moment we'd like you to come over and help us program our microwave. Now, your gargantuan brain is impressive enough, but the icing on the cake is that you can use that knowledge to help people make complicated decisions.

The job for you: Kitchen Designer

Kitchen designers navigate and simplify the sometimes-daunting worlds of products, labour, and customer satisfaction. Using their in-depth knowledge of products, prices, and sales, they help customers find out what they need—and recommend best practises. If you love being relied upon for your expertise, this is the job for you.

Your personality type: The Rock

You're organized and stable. You were probably the only student in your class with colour-coded notes and an agenda filled with dates and assignments instead of doodles of dragons fighting on unicycles. At work, you don't stop when you're tired. You stop when you're done. When people ask you what you're doing next weekend, you already have an hour-by-hour timesheet printed out for them.

The job for you: Merch Execution Associate

Merchandising Execution Associates are constantly creating shopping environments with strong visual appeal. But how, you ask? By executing merchandising strategies. By sculpting, and following, directives. And by using their keen eye for visual dynamics. And if you're successful, you'll be hitting deliverable benchmarks, which are ever-important to the Rock: You'll be helping products fly off shelves.

Your personality type: The General

Ten-hup! Sir, yessir. You're the leader of this outfit, sir, and your outfit wouldn't have it any other way. You know how to manage a group, fulfill objectives, and climb the ranks. You're dedicated, and you're always ready for action. When things go FUBAR, you're never MIA. Whiskey tango foxtrot. Over and out.

The job for you: Department Supervisor

Department Supervisors provide coaching and training for The Home Depot Canada associates. When they're not pushing their team to the next level, they make sure everything is running smoothly in their kingdom. Supervisors don't just lead from afar: they adapt to any position, filling in for any role, any time, and they're ready to work any time. Day, night, or weekend, it doesn't matter to the supervisor.