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Year-round on-campus presence to keep Labatt top-of-mind

As one of Canada’s Top 100 Employer’s for Young People for three years running, Labatt Breweries of Canada knows a thing or two about attracting millennial workers.  And, the company is currently gearing up for the 2017 recruiting season with plans to boost its profile among students by maintaining a presence on campuses year-round. Based on focus group feedback from recent graduates of its talent programs and internships, it will also be introducing a new approach tailored to appeal to the understanding and mindset of young adults.

Labatt employees to offer insights on life at Labatt  

“The Labatt Rotation: Not JUST an Info Session” is an on-campus experience designed to give students insight into the cross-functional exposure of Labatt’s talent programs and the company’s everyday pace.  Teams of Labatt employees, with members ranging from VPs to recent hires, will engage students at interactive stations on topics from brewing craftsmanship to environmental awareness.

The company is counting on its new interactive approach to get closer to students and foster a learning atmosphere that creates a true sense of Labatt’s energy and opportunities.

“We’re going to be disruptive to increase awareness on-campus and ensure we’re top-of-mind for students. Millennials have unique aptitudes compared to previous generations of recruits, and it’s important to show them how and why they’re a good fit with the variety of career possibilities we offer,” said Lindsay King, vice president, People, Labatt.

Talent programs for every aspiration

There are five core programs for new graduates at Labatt: Global Management Trainee, Logistics Development Program, Brewery Development Program, Sales Development Program and Global MBA. Each provides recent hires with the tools to succeed, encourages them to grow at the pace of their talents, and places a high value on entrepreneurialism.  

The prestigious Global Management Trainee and Global MBA programs are 10- and 12- month programs that rotate through every functional area of the business, and, according to King, “are intended for high-potential students who exemplify Labatt’s culture.”

Millennials sure to see Labatt as a great place to be

Labatt’s stepped-up efforts on campus will help both millennials and Labatt in the long-term. A year-round, interactive presence on-campus will allow the company to speak and connect in terms millennials understand.  The goal is to showcase the brewer’s values and culture in a way that allows high-performing candidates to see Labatt as a great place to be, while also giving Labatt a chance to get immediately better acquainted with tomorrow’s leaders. 

With many employers competing for candidates, the battle isn’t only to become top of mind with students, but to stay there.  That’s why Labatt’s new approach to sharpening its employer brand is also aimed at making its messaging and information more memorable.

“Teams of employees from all areas and levels of our business will provide students with major access to who we are and how we get things done,” said King.  “We plan to make a lasting impression by personally demonstrating the spirit of Labatt.”

A culture aligned to the millennial dream

It’s great for students to learn more about a company, but being able to see themselves working there is at least as important. Cultural fit is perhaps the determining factor for both students and employers.

Labatt seeks individuals who are up for a challenge and want to work in an environment that’s fast-paced and rewarding.

“While a 4.0 GPA is admirable, our interest in a student isn’t solely based on grades,” said King. “It’s about the total package that makes up the person, and their potential to relate and achieve in different ways. We can teach the functional competencies of a job, but we can’t teach the inherent characteristics that align with our culture.”

King says Labatt understands the needs of millennials and incorporates those needs into their programs.

“Research shows millennials are more motivated by experiences than material items,” she said. “In many ways, Labatt is the same.  We’re a brewer focussed on creating unforgettable consumer experiences, so our culture truly exemplifies the millennial dream.”