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When starting out in a new career and deciding which company to work for, a competitive wage is always a consideration. However, landing a dream job also means knowing that a company’s culture aligns with an individual’s values. For millennials entering the workforce, finding a company that is the right fit will ensure a happy and successful future.

As one of the country’s Top Employers for Young People, The Home Depot Canada is committed to investing in its future generation of orange apron associates. Hoping to work for a company with a strong culture and committed values? Look no further and consider building your career with The Home Depot Canada.

Room to Grow

Knowing that their associates are the key to their success, The Home Depot Canada strives to create an environment where all associates feel respected, their contributions are valued and every associate has equal access to development opportunities. By offering mentorship programs and tuition reimbursement, and delivering more than one million hours of training every year, young associates are set up for success.

Developing Leaders

Exhibiting an entrepreneurial spirit is one of the company’s core values. Associates are encouraged to adopt and adapt good ideas from others, and initiate creative and innovative ways to improve the business. By encouraging creative thinking, budding leaders have the opportunity to take control of their future.

Impact on Community

Every year, associates across the country roll up their sleeves and donate more than 60,000 hours of their time, talent and energy to giving back to their communities. Through local efforts, The Home Depot Canada Foundation strives to make a national impact with the goal of ending youth homelessness.

Strength in Diversity

Celebrating diversity, building unity amongst their associates, and mandating respect for all people are core company values. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, ability and sexual orientation, this company commits to providing the support its associates need through various resource groups such as Orange Ability, Orange Pride, Orange Mosaic and the Orange Women’s Network.

A Reputation for Integrity

Trust and honesty are the foundations of strong relationships. That’s why understanding the impact of decisions, ‘doing the right thing’ and going the extra mile when listening and responding to the needs of their customers and associates is ingrained in their company culture.

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