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When Canadians think movie nights, we usually think Cineplex. That’s because the company has built a reputation for being a cut above the rest at delivering exceptional big-screen experiences. To do this, it employs a group of diversely skilled professionals, from popcorn poppers to number crunchers. Moreover, Cineplex is growing, diversifying, and introducing jobs from coast to coast that you may not have expected from a film exhibitor.

Think about everything you do at a Cineplex theatre: you likely read the Cineplex Magazine, order from their menu boards or play in the arcade. Who puts it all together? The magazine needs writers, editors, graphic designers and photographers. The menu boards need digital content designers and creators. The amusement gaming equipment needs technicians. Get the idea? And this is only the start.

Film entertainment and content

We spoke with Cineplex’s Communications Director, Sarah Van Lange, who says the company is offering a much larger variety of jobs to grads and soon-to-be grads than what a traditional film exhibitor offers.

“I want to emphasize that, yes, Cineplex is about film exhibition, but we’re also much more than that,” she said.

Van Lange says Cineplex is focusing in three key growth areas she colloquially called "buckets:" film exhibition and content, amusement gaming and leisure, and media. Over recent years, in the film exhibition bucket, Cineplex has opened VIP Cinemas, introduced  the UltraAVX movie experience to communities across the country  introduced the D-BOX motion seats and even Canada’s first 4DX auditorium. From a job creation perspective,  Van Lange mentioned that these theatre experience are all made possible by chefs and bartenders (for the VIP Cinemas), technians, project managers, designers and more to have this all come to life.

Amusement gaming and leisure

Recently the company combined five North American companies, Cineplex Starburst Inc., Brady Starburst LLC, Premier Amusements, Tricorp Amusements and SAW LLC, to create a new company in the amusement gaming industry, Player One Amusement Group (P1AG).P1AG not only stocks Cineplex theatres with arcade games and equipment, but also entertainment businesses across North America. It has an office of its own and employs technicians, accountants, sales reps, and many more to manage its massive operation.

The Rec Room, in Edmonton, is another recent milestone for Cineplex. Van Lange calls it “Canada’s newest premier social destination.”

"It has incredible dining, live entertainment complete with stages and an auditorium, and an area for amusement gaming. It’s a one-stop-shop for fun for adults,” she said, adding that it employs mixologists, bowling techs, virtual-reality experts—and even axe-throwing instructors. Cineplex hopes to open between ten and 15 across the country.

Cineplex has also forayed into the world of eSports, acquiring the assets of WorldGaming, an online video gaming platform hosting competitive matches. Van Lange says Cineplex has invested in eSports to bring mid- to big-league video gaming tournaments to communities across the country at its theatres.

“To support our WorldGaming business, we have talented people working in the video gaming industry, and people who are marketing live events.”


Cineplex Digital Media knew it did a good job when it created Cineplex’s menu boards, so it has designed and created interactive digital signage for dozens of companies across North America, including shopping malls, Walmart, Bank of Montreal, Tim Hortons, and McDonald's, to name a few. It also employs writers, editors, producers, directors, camera operators and more just to put together the Cineplex Pre Show. And then there’s the magazine, a Cineplex Media creation.

Van Lange says diversification and growth are at the centre of Cineplex's plans. The company's sheer size and success at what it does make its careers stable.

“Why do I love working here? I love working here because it’s fast paced. Everyday our team is learning something, doing something different, and I have the opportunity to grow my career here.”