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About 5,600 miles – spanning an ocean and a continent – separate Kenny T.’s hometown from his job at Enterprise. But Kenny fits right in as Group Fleet Manager in Montreal, Canada.

A native of Mbengwi in the northwest region of Cameroon in West Africa, Kenny has steadily advanced throughout his 20-year career at Enterprise by embracing a culture he strongly supports.

“I was introduced to Enterprise through a senior year project in college,” Kenny says. “I quickly discovered that Enterprise’s core values aligned perfectly with the core values of my upbringing.”

Kenny, the youngest of 11 children, came to the U.S. from Cameroon in 1990 to attend Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. He intended to earn a master’s degree in business administration that would enable him to run his family’s wholesale pharmaceutical business. But a massive currency devaluation back home upset those plans. Kenny stayed in the U.S. and joined the Enterprise Management Training Program in 1996.

“It’s easy to be passionate working for a company that is willing to invest in its employees, its customers, the environment and in the communities in which it does business,” Kenny says.

Kenny’s passion was certainly evident to his teammates, as he earned many promotions over the next 21 years, including a promotion to Group Fleet Manager in 2015 for which he relocated to Montreal with his wife and three children.

Kenny credits his mentors, and his motivation to go above and beyond, for his career success. And his bilingual talents in English and French serve him well in English- and French-speaking Montreal. 

“Our team is performing at a high level,” Kenny says. “The opportunity for growth in Montreal is enormous, and I see myself going wherever opportunity leads me.”